Thursday, 20 June 2019

Tzedek joins SECASA

By Saihini Naidoo and Jessica Wooley

Tzedek is an organisation dedicated to the prevention and control of sexual abuse within the Jewish and broader community.  At the end of 2018, Tzedek became a program provided through SECASA.

Joining SECASA, saw Tzedek become the first Jewish not-for-profit to receive funding from a Government organisation.

“SECASA is pleased to have Tzedek as a program providing us with improved involvement with all parts of the Jewish communities, including the orthodox denominations” said Carolyn Worth, Manager at SECASA.

Tzedek Board President, Danny Schwarz, said that the transition would deliver “ongoing financial security and ensure the continuity of Tzedek programs in the Jewish community”.

The support, education and advocacy services provided by Tzedek will be under the management of SECASA, but will remain unchanged.

The organisation will also continue to be a support service for the Jewish community for the ‘National Redress Scheme’, which provides support to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

“This won’t change our programs or the way they are delivered in the Jewish community” said Tzedek CEO, Michelle Meyer. “Tzedek will continue to operate from its current office location in Elsternwick where it is most accessible to those in need and retain its existing phone number and website”.

Dr Meyer confirmed that the transition will deliver access to a broader range of resources including education material, training opportunities and the potential for joint research initiatives between Tzedek and SECASA.

Tzedek will continue to operate its own advocacy service and maintain links to the Jewish community by way of a Tzedek Advisory Committee to SECASA.

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