Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Training and Community Education

By Courtney Beaumont

Many organisations are eager to know the best response to the disclosure of sexual assault. Training external communities on how to deal with sexual assault and family violence is a vital part of SECASA’s mission. For the last 12 months Mary has been leading these educational sessions as a part of SECASA.

It is crucial that all staff members involved with combating sexual assault and family violence are properly trained. To ensure this SECASA has completed training staff from Safe Steps, 1800 Respect and the CFA.

Training sessions are usually an hour and a half long, with a presentation on understanding what sexual assault is. Mary’s aim is to “have people leaving the training sessions feeling confident and competent to respond appropriately,” she said. “A lot of the time, people don’t ask because they’re frightened and don’t know how to react or help, but we give them the skills to ask sensitively.”

This year SECASA has provided two training sessions at Monash University with another four scheduled. Training is also being rolled out through the social and family violence workers at Monash Hospital, and specific presentations for midwives from Alfred Health at Sandringham Hospital for family violence day.

Mary believes that having such varied organisations interested is a “great thing, people are now very keen to know how to help.”



Staff training

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