Monday, 29 April 2019

Making Rights Reality

By Courtney Beaumont

The Making Rights Reality program provides extra support services for clients with disabilities, acquired brain injury and complex communication needs. SECASA counsellor Dagmar was inspired to start Making Rights Reality after working with survivors of assault who had disabilities.

80% of women with disabilities will experience sexual assault by the time they are 18, but the rate of cases that go through the justice system are very low. The Making Rights Reality program provides specialised communication and support to this group.

‘Nothing about us without us’ is a saying for people with disabilities and this has been observed all through the creation of the program, with disabled women being involved all the way through the research and development of the program.

Counsellor Ginger came on board as the program gradually got bigger and developed a wider outreach, “we want to focus on equity rather than equality,” she said.

Making Rights Reality participates in events run by other people where they are needed. They collaborated with SCOPE to put together a board on ‘Speak Up and Be Safe From Abuse’.

The initiative also researches what is other services and resources exist and brings that content into CASA’s, such as using a picture map tool to allow survivors to communicate.

The ultimate aim of Making Rights Reality is that people with disabilities have access to the same level of service, “women should be able to go to their local CASA and expect the same support we normally give,” Ginger said.

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