Thursday, 21 February 2019

The SECASA Administration Team: The heart of everything

By Saihini Naidoo 

SECASA is a unique and multi-tiered entity. Each team within the organisation is responsible for its own important, specialised, duties and each Team carries out these duties with the utmost pride and passion.

In saying this, there is one Team in particular, who are the heart of everything…

The Administration Team, led by newly appointed Team Leader, Gihan, plays an integral role in coordinating the fluidity of SECASA processes. This efficient team is responsible for intake work, scheduling appointments and receiving and managing clients on SECASA’s client management system called ‘IRIS’. It is also responsible for the more mundane tasks such as: ordering printing paper, toilet paper, stationary, tea, coffee and various other items which are required to ensure the smooth running of the Dandenong, Seaford and East Bentleigh sites.

The Administration Team works at a grassroots level and maintains an importance balance within SECASA as a whole. Since Gihan stepped into the role of Administration Team Leader in February 2017, she has focused her attention on areas such as expansion, transparency, efficiency and cohesion.

Gihan joined SECASA in 2007 and has been in her new role for 18 months. She explained that her new position is similar to what she was doing previously. However, her work now involves leading the team and providing reports to Management. She explained that she is undertaking “much of the same work, but trying to streamline things wherever I can”.

In order for Gihan to successfully fulfil her role, she requires assistance from her team.

The Dandenong Multi-Disciplinary Centre (MDC) recently welcomed a new Administration Manager - Dhanishya. Dhanishya commenced work with SECASA in June 2018 and works two days a week. The extra support that her role provides has enabled Gihan to lead her team more efficiently, visit the other sites and make herself more available to undertake additional duties when required.

Since starting in her new role, Gihan has conducted a clean-up of IRIS with the assistance of Sandra, a team member from Seaford. The ‘clean up’ was triggered by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) audit which identified discrepancy figures within IRIS. It is believed that these discrepancies were due to files remaining open for extended periods of time.

To prevent this issue recurring in the future, Gihan has committed to conducting an ongoing 5-6 month clean-up of IRIS, describing it as a “Good habit to get into”.

In addition to the aforementioned self-initiated project, Gihan and her team are responsible for ensuring that pay related material is accurate before being sent to payroll and she explained that she has undertaken work over the weekend at times, to ensure that that the information on the payment system is accurate. Furthermore, Gihan also produces reports on excess annual leave and accrued days off. She provides an account of these figures at the monthly management meetings.

Gihan said that one of the highlights of her new role, is the respect that she has received from Carolyn Worth- Manager of SECASA. “She trusts me to manage and lead the team” she said. Gihan also explained that this extended to the respect gained from her team, as well as other staff members.

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