Thursday, 14 February 2019

Student Placement at SECASA

By Jessica Woolley
Each year SECASA has taken students on placement. Most are social work students but there have also been students from other disciplines.
A highly rewarding program, the students are given the opportunity to be trained by counsellors and partake in the variety of programs that SECASA offers. They learn about the techniques, procedures and practice of trauma-informed counselling.
Richard has been at SECASA for three years, completing his psychology accreditation due to be completed next year. Working in the victim program and the AWARE program, Richard has been provided with a broad range of experiences which he says have broadened his perspective on what SECASA do. He has been primarily working with adults, and with a mix of male and female clients.
“Working with adults who are survivors or sexual assault and or family violence, is both a privilege and a profound experience,” he said.
He recognises the support of his supervisors as well as the admin staff who have made his experience “effortless”.
“I’ve really appreciated the support. My supervisors have been very accommodating, provided excellent supervision and feedback.”
Once his accreditation is complete, Richard will continue working on the AWARE program, which he says is extremely rewarding.
Jen from Monash University has completed 500 hours of placement at SECASA, contributing to her Masters of Social Work which she will complete at the end of 2018. She has been working intensively with the art group, and has been attending various other groups and programs SECASA runs.
She feels grateful for the practical counselling skills she has learnt at SECASA, as well as for the supervision she has got throughout her time.
“It is rewarding to be able to work for the organisation and hear the stories of survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence,” she said.  
Working with the art group has been an interesting experience for Jen, as she understands how the group encourages participants to focus on their artworks, rather than negative aspects of their lives.
“It is a safe environment and space for those women to be able to disclose and express their feelings.”

SECASA would like to thank all the students who have undertaken placement for their dedication and hard-work throughout their placements.

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