Thursday, 17 January 2019

Tuesday Social Group - Seaford MDC

By Jessica Wooley

The Tuesday social group has been running at Seaford for 18 months. They gather once a week at the Seaford MDC for two hours, playing games, watching movies, participating in arts and crafts and generally catching up.

One of Seaford’s counsellors, Natasha, started the initiative when one of her clients wanted a safe space to play scrabble with other people. This client had tried to go to community groups to play, but found the other people took it too seriously and community spaces often required users to pay.

There is a core group of four to six women each week, and Natasha describes them as “such a lovely group of women who all support each other”.

This initiative brings people who may feel isolated within their community together, where they can participate in different activities and enjoy one another’s company.

The group are provided with tea and coffee, but essentially run themselves and are always open to new additions.

Groups are held at the Seaford MDC Conference Room from 10am-12pm on a Tuesday. If you would like to join this exceptional group of women please contact SECASA on 9928 8741.

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