Friday, 28 December 2018

Groups at Bentleigh East

By Courtney Beaumont

Various art groups run weekly out of Bentleigh East, providing support for women who have experienced trauma through therapeutic art form.

Counsellor Mary highlights the importance of the art groups as they are “for people who don’t have the confidence to attend in any other setting,” she says, “what they have here is an understanding of their experience of trauma.”

Two art groups are currently running; a photography class run by Anne, where women shoot photos to be used in the upcoming annual calendar. The second group is poetry and art based, and slightly more therapeutic. More on this

All groups are “focussed on providing a supportive environment,” Mary says, and they are excited to open a new group due to start in September based on reflexology.

There is also the long term survivor group which, although not art based and more talkative, it is also therapeutic and consists of women who have learnt to support each other.

Photography group

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