Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Survivor's stories - Teresa

Teresa talks about her experience of the Heartstrong group.

The group is for women 40+ impacted by sexual assault & or family violence. The group aims to facilitate: identification of (feelings, sensations & thoughts) through to articulation & sharing of obstacles to growth. The group setting provide opportunities to explore own & others understandings and thus facilitate personalised resolutions & emergent intrinsic happiness. Obstacle to growth have included: trust; intimacy; self-doubt; fear; sexuality / intimacy issues; psychological health issues.

The group is open 2-3 times a year for one or two new women (who have been & have access to a counselling).

If you would like to refer to or attend this group please email sally.kempler@southernhealth.org.au or call 99288741 and ask for Sally.

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  1. Thank you Teresa. Heartfelt. Powerful and evidently transformative znd restorative practice. Well done Seacasa. Bravo.