Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gayle and Sarah - reflections

Gayle and Sarah, two participants from the 2012 mosaic and clay projects, reflect on their contributions to the publication "Perspectives in Coping and Resilience". Gayle shared her beautiful artwork for the cover and Sarah allowed some of her correspondence and interviews with artist Anne Riggs to be included in the chapter "Out of the Shadows, Into the Light". 

The use of video filters

Amongst the most common responses victims have to their past are feelings of shame and guilt.For a variety of reasons many are not comfortable being filmed and identified.One way around this discomfort was to film through a filter which enables women’s expressions and body language to be experienced by the viewer but without the participant feeling overly exposed.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cranbourne work in progress

In the second half of this group we have been making mosaics. In these photos of works in progress you will see a beautiful shaped mirror. This is a group piece - everyone is contributing to this work that will be placed permanently in the Cranbourne SECASA.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mother and daughter talk about participating in TOTEM

Mother and daughter talk about participating in TOTEM, an art group for parents and children affected by abuse.    The new arts program was funding by the Flora and Frank Leith Trust to support families.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The simple things in life

Anything that represents nature is sublime to me. There are endless opportunities to capture some unique beauty. In particular, photography involving flowers has become really powerful over the last year.

My GP introduced me to her love of flowers and insisted that often its the most simple of things in life that we take for granted. My GP is an integral part of my support team and she has enabled me to appreciate something which I never looked twice at. If there is anything I have learnt through photography- its that focussing on a range of art objects in day to day life is the best way to 'heal' because it means you can look towards the future in small ways every day!

Being involved in the SECASA art groups has given me the opportunity to try new things and allow myself to be creative again after years of negativity. I am thankful for the enormity of adjustments that being in these groups has impacted on my life.