Monday, 12 August 2013

Pots from the Totem group

These are some of the colourful pots we made in this group. The first step was creating the coil pots and then when they dried, we painted them using special ceramic paints that withstand the 1100 degrees of the kiln.
They were fired, then glazed.

Sometimes the participants find learning the skills tricky at first. We talk a lot about giving things a go, practising and also trying different ways of doing things. And having fun in the process. Most of us have to try things lots of times before we become good at things - and art is a great way of learning about practising and having fun. There are lots of laughs in the group - more and more as we get to know each other.

At the end of each class we look at the work and admire it! Then parents and children write something about their work in their art books. Gwendoline and I encourage them to find words to describe their work as well as how they felt about doing it. You can see here that one young participant is enjoying the class! 

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