Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Totem group - Clay animals

We got our hands into the clay! At first the parents and children had a little play and most made animals which had lots of personality and a few quirky characteristics. Then we each made a coil pot. Some of the parents and children worked together –one creating the coils and the other created the pot by carefully joining and coils.

The pots were terrific and will be painted next week, fired and glazed so they can be used at home.

At the end of the class, I asked each parent to write a short piece about the work created by the child and for each child to write about their parent’s work. Each person to looked for and found the words to describe the good qualities of the pots, and some described how each person went about creating their pot. We heard words like AWESOME! Cool! Great effort!
It can be hard to appreciate the efforts of others sometimes. And it can be hard to find the words to express that appreciation – especially when relationships are difficult. In this exercise I could see a great capacity of each person to see and appreciate – the children were especially able to enthusiastically praise their parents’ work. It was really noticeable how important the parent relationship is to the child.

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