Wednesday, 12 June 2013


A few weeks ago we started a new group in Frankston called “TOTEM” - an art group for parents and children (8-12 years).

We received funding from the FLORA & FRANK LEITH CHARITABLE TRUST so we could offer families whose parents had been affected by sexual abuse an enjoyable and safe space to learn and make art together.

Child client said:
"When i come to counselling I always see the pretty things that people make (the clay and mosaic items from the adult groups) and I always wish that maybe someone would teach me something like that.... and the other kids that come here too. We could all do it. Sometimes It's really hard to talk about would be good to do something like that. Maybe I could make some friends there too?" (girl age 10)

Mother of the child client said:
"My daughter has been through so much, I wish I could take it all away for her. It's hard to know how to get back to being normal. Doing a group together would help me find a way to help her - to help us actually - get back some of what we lost.... you know, that right to feel free to laugh again together".

We will be doing all sorts of arts practice in this group - painting, working with clay, sculpture and collage. Some of the things we make will add to the many art works displayed at SECASA and some will be taken and enjoyed at home.


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