Monday, 15 April 2013

The first weeks

In these first weeks students are learning some of the basic skills of working in mosaics. Last week, whilst making a small mosaic paver, students learned how to cut tiles safely and use the tile nippers.
Today we started a new project – making a mosaic mirror and learning how to use the tile cutter. The tile cutter is a professional tool used to cut straight lines. It looks a bit daunting but is quite manageable once you have got the knack. It’s great seeing women master it; and not only it is useful for art-making, after the group, participants will have enough skill to do some tiling at home!

Each participant is invited to be a creative as they like with this project, to test out colour combinations, use pieces of crockery as well as tiles; some women were using pebbles and small pieces of mirror. I love seeing how creative the women can be, once they have gained a few skills and a bit of know how ….

Next week most will finish the design and sticking part of the project and I will show them how to grout and finish the mirrors off.

We had a couple of new people join today who had not been able to make it to the first session. It can be quite hard to join a group after it has already started as it may feel as if friendships have begun and of course students already have a few skills up their sleeves! It takes a little courage to step into an existing group – I think most adults feel that. In these groups we spend a bit of time learning eachother’s name and making sure that everyone feels they have a place in this creative community.


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