Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Start of the new mosaic group

I am excited about starting the new mosaic group in two day’s time! We have been overwhelmed with interest from women who are keen to join the group and be part of something creative and uplifting.

I have spent the last few days meeting up with the women who will be part of the mosaic group. It is part of the preparation – to get to know them a little before the start of the classes and for each woman to get to know me a bit too so the first day won’t be too nerve-wracking. We have half an hour together and I hear about any arts and crafts things she has done, and what she is interested in learning and achieving during this time together. What are her dreams for being part of the class?

I love hearing their passion to be creative and to try something new, and to hear things like “I have always loved art” and that many see this as an opportunity to try something they have always wanted to do. For victims of abuse – doing something good “for me” is a big step in recovery. Being creative is an important part of our humanness – but we sometimes forget this and creativity gets washed away with the demands of life. These groups aspire to light that creative fire again!

We will be taking things slowly on the first few sessions. Step by step women will learn some of the techniques of mosaic-making. Most will also be taking small steps to being sociable with other people. It’s quite hard for some and thankfully the excitement about making, playing with the colours, and learning new things with new people is far stronger than the nerves!

Throughout the 15 weeks we will post pictures, comments from the women, more videos and bits and pieces from me. We hope you find the blog useful.

Best wishes. Anne

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